Sustainability Strategic Plan

To maintain the momentum of the Iowa Board of Regents' sustainability plan, the Iowa State University Office of Sustainability is currently drafting a strategic plan that contributes to the goals within University Services' strategic plan, which supports the 2017-2020 ISU strategic plan. This strategic plan will ensure a constant, forward-thinking mindset when it comes to finding new, innovative opportunities to help nurture a sustainable campus for future generations. A draft is expected to be received for review in December 2018. Here is a timeline of the plan:


I. Inspire, educate and enrich people’s lives.
     i. Promote sustainability by fostering a community that sustains ecological systems and educates campus citizens about environmental
        awareness, local action, and global thinking.
          a. Promote environmentally sound practices as a core value of the University as measured by sustaining current AASHE Sustainability
              Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) Gold certification and striving for Platinum certification.
          b. Establish a Live Green! Advisory Committee by December 2017 to advise and assist with:
               1. Communicating ISU’s sustainability successes and challenges by:
                     i. Developing an annual tracking and reporting system for STARS components by May 2018.
                     ii. Developing a STARS reporting component to be included on the Live Green! Website and publically available by October 2018.
               2. Recommending sustainable policies and processes appropriate to ISU by:
                     i. Identifying measures to sustain and opportunities to improve STARS performance by May 2018.  A specific focus area will be
                        STARS Operations credits within the Facilities Planning and Management Department area of responsibility.
                     ii. Recommending specific measures and opportunities to sustain and improve STARS performance by July 2018.
                     iii. As required, soliciting functional teams to develop plans for specific credit categories to sustain and improve STARS performance
                         by September 2018.
                     iv. Assembling proposed University-wide plan by December 2018.