Dining: Economic Sustainability 

  • BYOC! Save $0.35 per coffee drink for bringing your own cup to any ISU Dining location. Not only does this save money for customers, it also prevents nearly 35,000 disposable cups from entering the landfill each year.
  • ISU Dining employs nearly 1,800 students per year, creating valuable job opportunities for our campus. Once student employees graduate, their work uniforms are donated to the Goodwill Good Wipes program, which repurposes clothing items unsuitable for sale into reusable cleaning cloths.
  • By selling a portion of its used grease, ISU Dining earns a profit while also reducing its carbon footprint.
  • ISU Dining spends at least 10% of its annual budget to support the Farm to ISU Program. Founded in 2007, the Farm to ISU Program includes purchases in three different categories:
    • Iowa-based products, such as Anderson Erickson Dairy and Blue Bunny Ice Cream
    • Locally-grown products, such as apples and cantaloupe from the ISU Horticulture Research Farm and peppers and pumpkins from local producers
    • Organic and sustainable products, such as fair trade coffee
  • Iowa State, along with the state’s other two regent universities, contract together with Martin Bros., a local family-owned food distributor based out of Cedar Falls. By working together, this enables the regent universities to merge their buying power to ensure best purchasing prices.