Dining: Social Sustainability 

  • ISU Dining has a strong relationship with Food at First, a local non-profit organization that supplies meals and food items to Ames community members in need. Donations include perishable food items (typically during academic breaks) and items from campus events, as well as packaged retail products past their sell by date.
  • Lisa Nolting, ISU Dining’s Registered Dietitian, provides educational opportunities to students and community members throughout the year. Events include Culinary Boot Camp, the Smart Eats Program and Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Lisa also has a blog that provides insights and tips about heating eating!
  • ISU Dining maintains the Special Diet Kitchen for those with unique dietary needs. The kitchen can accommodate individuals with severe allergies, as well as those who need medically-prescribed meals following surgery or illness.
  • The online app NetNutrition provides customers with up-to-date nutritional information on all of the products ISU Dining offers. This easy-to-use tool helps individuals track their nutritional intake in a fun and friendly way.