Information Technology: Social Sustainability 

  • Information Technology Services (ITS) determines and closely monitors the life cycle of its technology. Desktops and laptops have "two lives" that spans about seven years -- one life is with ITS, and the other is with a new owner somewhere on campus. After both of these lives, desktops and laptops go to ISU Surplus to be sold to Ames community members and businesses.
  • High-performance computing allows the rental of time and space on the cluster.
  • ITS makes a point to proactively focus on educating the public about passwords, cyber security, phishing scams, etc. in response to 135,000 data threats received, on average, each day at Iowa State.
  • ITS is currently tracking student problems from the Solution Center to "leverage knowledge from the student body" and is using this data to track trends to predict future problems and solutions. 
  • A "technology success community," which will act as a forum where students, faculty and staff can post technology questions and answers, is currently in the works at Iowa State.