ISU BioBus


ISU BioBus is a student group that seeks to make biodiesel from reclaimed vegetable oil and supply it to CyRide for use in one or more of the transit vehicles which services Iowa State University and the community of Ames, Iowa. ISU BioBus is open to all students on campus as well as faculty, staff, and members from the surrounding communities.

Projects and efforts that support Live Green!: 

We seek to significantly reduce ISU’s carbon footprint and partially close the campus energy loop by recycling waste vegetable oil from campus dining facilities into biodiesel fuel for CyRide buses.

How to Get Involved: 

Students are encouraged to join in every aspect of our work.  We need students from all disciplines to help with planning, organizing, engineering, fuel processing and delivery, fund raising and public relations.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

Meeting Times and Places: 

Executive meetings take place every other Wednesday from 4-5 in the BioBus office (0212 Sukup).  Engineering meetings will be taking place from 3 - 5pm on Fridays in 1115 BRL. Business meetings will be taking place in Howe 1220 from 6-7pm on Thursdays. Please email us at to let us know that you are coming.

Contact Information:
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Additional Information: 

Business Meetings are where we deal with organizational, educational and financial aspects of the BioBus project. Some of the things we do are coming up with fundraising ideas, contacting potential sponsors, managing websites, planning outreach and education ventures, and spreading the word about ISU BioBus. This semester we will be working under the leadership of President of Business Casey Nelson. Business meetings may be of interest to those individuals pursuing studies in communication or business, but again we are always looking for new additions to our team. Anyone is welcome to participate!

Engineering Meetings are where we do what's necessary to make fuel. We work with our processor to produce as much high quality biodiesel as possible. Another task we accomplish is collecting oil from UDCC down the street from the BRL. We'll be working this semester under the leadership of our new President of Engineering, Daniel Moraes. Engineering meetings may be of interest to those pursuing fields in engineering, chemistry, biology, mathematics, or any of the hard sciences. However, we always welcome new members on our team and everyone is invited to participate!