PrISUm Solar Car Team


With a dwindling supply of traditional energy sources such as coal and crude oil, the search for viable alternatives is a serious problem facing the world today. Team PrISUm continues to demonstrate the potential of solar power as part of the solution to these problems. We strive to use our knowledge in engineering to create innovative, energy efficient solar vehicles. Team PrISUm represents Iowa State University in the American Solar Challenge among a strong field of solar car teams from around the world. Equally important is our dedication to educating the public about advances in vehicle efficiency and the capabilities of solar energy. We hope to inspire the bright minds of tomorrow to search for sustainable solutions to the planet's biggest problems.

Projects and efforts that support Live Green!: 

Team PrISUm has built and raced a new solar powered car for every American Solar Challenge since its inception in 1989. With each car, we attempt to make the most efficient use of the latest solar and battery technology on the market. After a car has finished racing, the team focuses its efforts on outreach, touring around Iowa and for educational visits to schools, businesses, and public events. 

How to Get Involved: 

Membership is open to students of all majors at Iowa State. The team is broken down into Business, Mechanical, and Electrical divisions. No former experience is required and there are many positions available that aren't engineering related. Visit our website or send us an email for more information. 

Meeting Times and Places: 

 During the regular semester we have general team meetings the first monday of every month in Durham 171.  Stop by and check us out!

Contact Information:
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