College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Freezer Replacement

Project Description:

This project focuses on the replacement of a laboratory freezer with an energy-efficient, ultra-low temperature freezer. Specific project deliverables include:

  • Demonstration of operational cost-savings;
  • Reduced energy consumption; and
  • Increased consideration of on laboratory equipment safety in procurement.

Project completion is targeted for Fall 2017.

Project Contact:

Reuben Peters, 515-294-8580,

Project Financials:

Loan Amount: $1,500

Return on Investment: Expected annual savings equals $237/year, with a total project payback period of 5 years.

Project Outcomes:

In continuing focus on increased efficiency of campus operations through environmental sustainability, there are specific areas of opportunity that offer immediate and significant achievements toward reaching this goal. Increasing the efficiency of our numerous laboratory spaces is one area of significant opportunity.

This project also furthers the collective impact of all energy efficiency and sustainability-focused projects and initiatives through building upon and expanding their success and achievements. In addition, this approach to increasing efficiency and commitment to sustainability, through focus on and development of a procurement program/protocol is very transferrable to other educational institutions as well as businesses and communities.

Project Status:



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