College of Engineering Energy Efficiency

Project Description:

The overall goal of this project focuses on reducing the electricity consumption in the Black Engineering Building through installing more efficient lighting systems and behavior modifications.

Specific products and processes being utilized included: replacing current light fixtures and lamps with more energy efficient varieties; installing occupancy sensors in rooms and offices and timers in hallways; and offering power strips for easy on-off operation of multiple energy consumers

To achieve education awareness building on occupant energy consumption behavior is the focus of the task area associated with the modification of individual behavior specific products and processes utilized include:

  • Two building-wide seminars offered to all building occupants (one to kick-off the project in spring 2010 and one to update on the project successes)
  • Installation of electrical meters to allow for the display of real-time and historical electrical usage in a visible and high traffic area in Black Engineering Building
  • Creation of a specific web page on the College of Engineering website that displays real-time and historical electrical usage and is easily accessible for download by students for projects and assignments

In addition, project methodology will be compiled into a step-by-step project workbook that any campus building or department, regardless of their experience and expertise can utilize in evaluating and implementing a similar project.

Project Contact:

Gary Mirka, 515-294-8661,

Ted Heindel, 515-294-1423,

Project Financials:

Loan Amount: $165,000. This amount reflects total project costs of $165,500 minus matching funds of $500.

Return on Investment: Total project costs are $165,500. Expected annual savings equals $33,000/year with a payback period of 5 years.

Project Outcomes:

In addition to annual budget savings for ISU and Iowa taxpayers, the College of Engineering has an opportunity to showcase significant reduction in energy consumption, through a combination of technology and behavior modification. This project will also provide invaluable information and resources necessary to provide a model for collaboration for buildings, such as Black Engineering that have multiple occupants sharing building energy costs and savings. In all facets of a learning, working, and strategic planning environment, as the College of Engineering represents, implementing energy efficiency products and processes, as outlined above, provides unique and valuable ongoing relevant demonstration project.

Project Status:



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