Live Green! Awards for Excellence in Sustainability

The Live Green!  Excellence awards recognize Iowa State University faculty, staff, and students who are making an impact on the campus’ sustainability efforts by generating awareness and interest through initiatives that focus on teaching, research, outreach and/or operations. These awards recognizes efforts across all aspects of the university, whether faculty, staff, student; individual or team efforts. Winning projects were awarded based upon excellence in sustainability efforts and not limited by category.

Nominations are evaluated within six areas:  cultural impact, impact on natural resources, economic impact, transferability, legacy to the Live Green! Initiative and sustainability, and overall award merit. Nominations are evaluated collectively by a panel of external reviewers. Award winners are determined based on overall points awarded. Awards are presented annually during the Symposium on Sustainability and reflect contributions and accomplishments the previous calendar year.

2015 Winners  Presented on March 1st, 2016

Angadbir Singh Sabherwal

Angadbir Singh Sabherwal is a senior at Iowa State University pursuing an education in mechanical engineering, economics, international studies, and environmental studies who is dedicated to making a difference in his community, wherever that is. He has been proactively involved in environmental awareness and conservation campaigns, volunteering activities, and educating communities at Iowa State University and around the world. Singh has actively promoted sustainability through his work as Community Advisor to Barton Lyon Freeman Hall by strengthening the recycling program, creating a food drive for Food at First and the student-run food bank, The SHOP, and by organizing a Barton Lyon Hall college cleanup. He has served the Ames community as a Minds of Tomorrow Ambassador, promoting engineering among K-12 students. And he has served the world, using his passion globally as the youngest member of the non-governmental organization Global Environment Concern; as well as being the youngest member of the United Nations Climate Change Community. His NGO activities promote conservation efforts and education.

Singh seeks to improve the world with the goal of designing and promoting green technology and incorporating micro-finance and economic policies to empower international developing communities.  In 2014 Angadbir was the first international student elected to the Cardinal Homecoming court and that same year received the seventh ISU Sesquicentennial Learning to Live a Life Award which recognizes a student who has taken advantage of opportunities at Iowa State University to apply his or her knowledge to real life projects and experiences. As 1883 graduate MJ Riggs stated “We come to college not alone to prepare to make a living, but to learn to live a life.”  Angadbir has truly demonstrated this ideal.  He was named as one of 12 American Society of Mechanical Engineering 2015 New Faces of Engineering honoring the nation’s most promising engineering professionals of tomorrow.  In accepting the award, he stated “I want to use mechanical engineering to build machines that help people, including sustainable designs and green machines.

The Story of the Award Frames

​The frames given to our award winners have a special significance and unique connection to the Live Green! Initiative.  The award frames are crafted from a Burr Oak tree that once stood on Veenker Memorial Golf Course, sheltering the first tee.  This tree was part of a group of oaks known as the “Three Sisters”. Through the university’sTreeCYcle program it has been given new life in these award frames. And, fun fact-if you did not know, the Burr Oak is the State of Iowa’s official tree.  The frames’ designer and builder is Peter Brue, who is an alumnus and staff member here at Iowa State.



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