Iowa State University is committed to increasing and diversifying student education, awareness, and engagement opportunities in sustainability through curriculum.

Our faculty provide a variety of hands-on and interdisciplinary sustainability experiences to students - in the classroom and laboratory, on field trips, and through domestic and international travel.  The Tall Grass Prairie Project is a targeted initiative, by faculty for faculty, focused on the infusion of sustainability across disciplines and into curriculum and offers an annual training workshop.

Our students are offered a number of ways to incorporate sustainability into their educational portfolios.

Pursue Degrees 

Iowa State University offers an interdisciplinary sustainability minor, as well as a wind energy minor. In addition, the Mechanical Engineering department offers an energy systems minor.

Iowa State University also offers a number of sustainability-focused degree programs, including a Master of Urban Design; a Master of Design in Sustainable Environments; a Master of Science and a Doctorate degree in Sustainable Agriculture; and a Doctorate degree in Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy.

Take Courses

Every college at Iowa State University offers sustainability focused or related courses. Courses are designated as focused or related to sustainability based upon the following definitions:

  • Sustainability-focused courses concentrate on the concept of sustainability, including its social, economic, and environmental dimensions, or examine an issue or topic using sustainability as a lens.
  • Sustainability-related courses incorporate sustainability as a distinct course
    component or module or concentrate on a single sustainability principle or issue.

The Live Green! Sustainability Course Directory, an excel document arranged in alphabetical order by college and department, collects all of Iowa State's sustainability courses into one resource.


Join a Learning Community

Learning communities are student-centered programs which provide engaging experiences about a particular topic. Iowa State University offers more than 75 learning communities to students. One learning community, the Science of the Environment and Sustainable Systems Learning Community (SESS), focuses on the impact of sustainability and green initiatives on campus, the Ames community, and the world.

Find Resources

Iowa State University's Parks Library offers a number of helpful sustainability resources for papers or projects.

Link directly to the University Library sustainability web link to help you find just what you need. Books, DVDs, and a number of other media resources covering all sorts of green topics can be found on this site.

Use the University Library A to Z Sustainability Research and Education Guide to access research guides on a number of specific sustainability topics.