Personal Products

Resist the Lure of Upgrades

Cellphone companies are forever encouraging us to switch to the newest, most fashionable handset, sometimes long before the existing one’ is defunct. However, cellphones contain a cocktail of toxic substances that shouldn't be discarded in landfills. Recycling keeps these undesirable elements out of the waste stream and saves the mining and manufacturing impacts of producing new handsets. Consider donating your old phone to charity for recycling when you do need a new one. 

Honey: Tasty and Medicinal

Trying to avoid commercial cough syrup? Try a couple of teaspoons of honey! Make sure, though, you never give honey to infants under the age of 12 months.

Cut the Wrap

For many Americans, a significant proportion of the household garbage can's contents consists of packaging. Even before recycling, think about avoiding waste when you shop. Consider choosing products sold in refillable containers, and make the effort to reuse them. You can even ask your favorite brands and stores to use/stock products that use this kind of packaging if they don’'t already.  


Many personal care product ingredients have not been evaluated for safety by the FDA. Try shopping for all-natural brands or see if your brand is a part of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.