Custodial Services: Economic Sustainability

  • ISU Custodial Services prioritizes efficiency in both labor and materials on an ongoing basis to reduce costs.
  • Custodial Services continually conducts audits to organize and monitor custodial spaces to ensure the most efficient use of space and remove unused chemicals.
  • Cost-effective microfiber cloth has replaced paper cleaning products and is utilized on multiple surfaces for a variety of cleaning needs. Microfiber mopping systems greatly reduce the amount of chemical solution used.
  • Custodial Services saves money by using accurate chemical dilution systems to eliminate unnecessary waste by measuring out the exact amount of cleaning product needed for a given task. With this dilution system, cleaning products are mixed on site further reducing waste from packaging and transportation emissions.
  • In collaboration with Custodial Services, Design and Construction Services uses high quality materials to build and maintain entryways to reduce the amount of dirt that accumulates from people using the building. These designs reduce costs related to labor and cleaning equipment as less dirt makes its way inside in the first place.
  • Custodial Services provides input on the design of new buildings to ensure that custodial areas are efficiently located according to service area needs.
  • A new floor finishing process has been adopted by Custodial Services which eliminates the need to strip and wax floors.
  • By creating trash and recycling centers in buildings, Custodial Services aims to create more opportunities for recycling and to reduce the labor and material costs associated with trash.