Custodial Services: Social Sustainability 

  • ISU Custodial Services employs more than 125 dedicated and talented individuals who work together in five work areas. Each area consists of a group of custodians who combine different skills and talents to work towards a common goal.  Each of the areas is further divided into zones with eight to ten custodians.  The zones work together to determine work distribution to provide an efficient response to customer needs. 
  • ISU Custodial Services recognizes the link between student, faculty and staff health and success and is committed to ensuring a safe environment for both custodians and customers. This commitment is the driving force behind every service that Custodial Services provides, with specific focus on the impact of cleaning products and processes on indoor air quality.
  • ISU Custodial Services attends conferences and trade shows to explore new ideas and environmentally-friendly products.
  • Custodial Services is recognized as a leader in green cleaning among peers and serves as a resource to regents, peer and national universities.

"Having Green Cleaning as a priority provides us with the opportunity to not only clean well but to make sure that we are doing it in the safest and most sustainable way."

-Michelle Lenkaitis, Senior Manager, Custodial Services.