Residence: Social Sustainability 

  • There are more than 1,600 leadership positions available within campus housing. Students can be a house president, a sustainability coordinator, an apartment community council member or a recycling chair, just to name a few opportunities.
  • The DOR offers 21 different residential learning communities (RLCs). These communities are small groups of students who live together in designated houses or floors in order to share academic interests, classes, living spaces and develop friendships as part of an innovative program based on cooperative learning. Many RLCs focus on issues of sustainability, such as Agriculture Education Studies, Food Science and Human Nutrition and Science of the Environment and Sustainable Systems.
  • Additionally, the DOR offers five theme houses that bring together students with similar interests without academic requirements. For example, the Cross Culture House requires students to live with roommates from another country.
  • The DOR always welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with student organizations. For example, the ISU Delta Waterfowl Chapter made duck houses using reclaimed lumber provided by the DOR as part of a fence replacement initiative at University Village. 
  • As one of the nation's largest student housing programs, the DOR's staff frequently attends conferences in an ongoing effort to share its knowledge and resources.

"What did a student learn here that made them a better person and better citizen when they graduate? If we teach them something and they take that to their off-campus community — anything from not turning your music up super loud to recycling — we help them learn that here in a safe, protective environment before they go out on their own in the real world."

-Brittney Rutherford, Department of Residence Marketing Coordinator