Persistent Commitment Toward a Sustainable Future

The 14th annual Iowa State University Symposium on Sustainability will be held Feb. 20-21, 2023 at Iowa State University's Memorial Union.

Iowa State University's Live Green! Initiative provides a call to action to all students, faculty, and staff to be fully committed and engaged in ensuring our next sustainable decade. Through our actions and decisions regarding our campus, its operations and initiatives we can make efforts to support our next sustainable decade.

Symposium Overview

The 2023 Symposium on Sustainability celebrates the diversity of sustainability efforts and initiatives taking place within our campus community focusing on supporting and nurturing enablement and empowerment toward a sustainable future that extends into the Ames community, as well as communities across the state and throughout the world. Features of this year’s event include an opening speaker, a keynote speaker, sustainability tabling and art exhibits and the accompanying multi-faceted, interactive event, Sustainapalooza (offering Green-It-Yourself centers, green living giveaways and a clothing swap).

Opening Speaker

Opening speaker Bernardo del Campo, February 20 at 7:00 p.m | Memorial Union - Great Hall

Visit for more information on Bernardo's research and implementation.

Keynote Speaker

This event will be recorded and available for two weeks on the Lectures website.

Speaker Bio

Sustainability Tabling and Artworks Exhibit

    Sustainability-connected tabling displays and sustainability-inspired artworks are encouraged from all campus activities and projects including research, administration, operations, student/student organizations, community and personal initiatives that support and further sustainability and the Live Green! Initiative. A Sustainability Poster session and tabling reception provide an excellent venue to discuss and exchange of scientific information.

    The deadline for all applications is February 3, 5 pm.

    Posters are invited and encouraged from the following areas:

    • Alternative/Renewable Energy Sources
    • Arts and Culture
    • Biodiversity
    • Energy Efficiency & Resource Conservation
    • Food Systems
    • Green Design & Products
    • Green Transportation
    • Social Engineering/Behavioral Change
    • Sustainable Community Planning
    • Sustainable Materials
    • Toxic Reductions
    • Waste Management, Diversion, and Reduction
    • Water Quality/Flood Management

    Live Green! Awards for Excellence in Sustainability

    The Live Green! Excellence Awards recognize Iowa State University students, faculty and staff who are making an impact on the campus sustainability efforts by generating awareness and interest through initiatives that focus on teaching, research, outreach and/or operations.


    All nominations are evaluated based on their impacts in the following areas: Cultural Impact, Impact on Natural Resources, Economic Impact, Transferability, Legacy to the Live Green Initiative and Sustainability. For more information on the specific focus of interest within each of these areas, refer to the Live Green Award for Excellence in Sustainability Selection Criteria document.


    Excellence in areas or initiatives related to sustainability that are applicable to the nomination for the Live Green! Award could include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Teaching: expanding and diversifying sustainability awareness and education through efforts and achievements related to a course, curriculum or program.
    • Research: expanding and diversifying sustainability understanding and discovery through efforts and achievements.
    • Outreach: expanding and diversifying sustainability relevance and transferability through efforts and achievements to internal and/or external audiences at Iowa State, Ames and/or local communities.
    • Operations: expanding and diversifying sustainable practices and procedures as related to the day-to-day operational management and maintenance of Iowa State University. 

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