Student Wellness: Social Sustainability

  • Student Wellness created its first major program, Peer Wellness Educators, for students to promote wellness and student success on a peer-to-peer level through outreach and peer capacity building. The program is staffed by highly-trained, paid student employees..
  • The Green Dot program empowers the campus community to speak out against power-based violence by utilizing education, outreach and staff development as mechanisms toward a goal of more green dots than red dots through 40-50 campus facilitators, increasing awareness and competency around bystander intervention skills. Green dots are any choice, behavior, word or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates intolerance for power-based personal violence. Red dots are instances of power-based personal violence.
    • Proactive green dots are things people can do to prevent power-based personal violence from happening.
    • Reactive green dots are things people can do to intervene in a red dot situation.
  • Student Wellness offers Wellbeing Coaching, a peer-to-peer health coaching program, utilizing reflective and motivational interviewing skills rather than providing prescribed instruction to empower students in the development of behavioral changes and achieving their goals.