Information Technology

Desktop of an Information Technology Expert.From smart phones to online tools like YouTube and Facebook, modern technology has radically altered how we learn and share knowledge across our academic, professional and personal lives. In many ways this monumental transformation began right here at Iowa State, where John V. Atanasoff and Clifford Berry completed the development of the world's first electronic digital computer in 1942. Information Technology Services (ITS) now carries on that tradition by providing technology and support to our campus in all areas of education, research, outreach, administration, student life and creative exploration.

As one of the nation's leading research institutions, Iowa State has a high need for data growth, cyber security and technological capacity, which results in a vast consumption of energy and resources. To find sustainable solutions to these ongoing challenges, ITS has partnered with Live Green! to reduce energy use and eliminate waste across campus. Successful green initiatives include implementing mandatory sleep settings on computers, purchasing efficient ENERGY STAR equipment and collaborating with Student Government to standardize printing rates. In doing so, ITS leverages the knowledge it gains from users to predict future problems and produce proactive strategies that not only save energy and resources but also time and money.

Contact for any and all technology-related questions. And remember — you too play a key role in making technology use at Iowa State more sustainable. Check out our Live Green! Tips for great ways to increase energy efficiency in your own life.

"A lot has been gained through the use of technology and partnerships focused on effectiveness and efficiency. By collaborating, talking and working collectively across campus, we ensure that we build the best solutions possible for the entire Iowa State community."

-Michael Lohrbach, IT Services Systems & Operations Director