ISU Green Initiatives Fund

Iowa State’s Student Government encourages students to make a sustainable impact with their time at Iowa State. One way it does this is with the Green Initiatives Fund, facilitated through the ISU Student Government Sustainability Committee, which supports student-initiated projects that promote environmental, economic and social sustainability.


Applicants must represent a recognized student organization. Funding is given to projects that align with the following goals:

  • Reducing energy consumption, waste production and the carbon footprint on campus.
  • Encouraging sustainable development and encouraging ISU to become a greener campus.
  • Providing educational opportunities for students to learn more about sustainable lifestyles, choices, and options.
  • Benefiting a large part of the ISU campus or connecting the university to the Ames community.

Applications will be reviewed by the student-led Green Initiatives Committee.


If students have a specific project or initiative that supports a sustainable future and Cyclone student experience, funding consideration can be requested by:

For more information, contact Olivia Miller, Student Government Director of Sustainability,


PDF of instructions on how to apply for the Green Initiatives Fund