Live Green! Award for Excellence in Sustainability

The Live Green! Excellence Awards recognize Iowa State University students, faculty and staff who make an impact on campus sustainability efforts by generating awareness and interest through initiatives that focus on teaching, research, outreach and/or operations. These awards celebrate efforts across all aspects of the university, whether student, faculty, staff, individual or team efforts. Winning projects are awarded based on proof of excellence in sustainability efforts and are not limited by category. Nominations are evaluated within six areas:

  1. Cultural Impact
  2. Impact on Natural Resources
  3. Economic Impact
  4. Transferability
  5. Legacy to the Live Green! Initiative
  6. Overall Award Merit

Nominations are evaluated collectively by a panel of external reviewers. Winners are determined based on overall points awarded. Awards are presented annually during the Symposium on Sustainability and reflect contributions and accomplishments from the previous calendar year.

Nominations are now open for 2025!

Live Green! Awards for Excellence in Sustainability

2024 Winners

The Story of the Award Frames 

Oak tree leaves and acorns.


The frames given to our award winners have a special significance and unique connection to the Live Green! Initiative. The award frames are crafted from a Burr Oak tree that once stood in Ames on Veenker Memorial Golf Course, sheltering the first tee. This tree was part of a group of oaks known as the “Three Sisters,” and through ISU’s TreeCYcle program it has been given new life via these award frames. This is especially significant given that the Burr Oak is also the state of Iowa’s official tree. The frames designer is Peter Brue, an alumnus of Iowa State University.

Previous Award Winners