2021-2022 Featured Students

ISU Student Government Sustainability Committee and ISU Zero Waste Team (March 2022)

Reducing waste can be accomplished in many ways. This month’s contribution to Students Living Cardinal, Gold and Green highlights some unique opportunities offered to students, faculty and staff, through two student-empowered organizations: the Student Government Sustainability Committee and the Zero Waste Team.


City of Ames Smart Business Challenge Interns (February 2022)

A committed student effort has been in place since 2014, related to educating, engaging and empowering the business community in opportunities toward a sustainable future. The City of Ames Smart Business Challenge celebrates its eight year in 2022 and the dedicated teams of interns that have increased and enhanced its relevancy, applicability and impact to a diversity of community businesses.


Best Buddies and Pay-It-Forward (Dec. 2021/Jan. 2022)

In this season so closely connected to gratitude and giving, this month’s contribution to Students Living Cardinal, Gold and Green celebrates the commitment and dedication by student organizations at Iowa State University in giving back and paying forward. Two organizations, Best Buddies and Pay it Forward, are highlighted this month – each offering a unique and signifcant approach to nurturing support and cultivating gratitude.


Sustainable Agriculture Student Association (SASA), ISU National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Students Helping Our Peers (SHOP) and Cardinal Eats (November 2021)

Nourishment is defned as the substances needed for growth, health, and good condition. A large part of our nourishment comes from our food, but taking care of ourselves goes beyond what we eat. Mental and emotional health is just as important to our well-being as the food we eat - and luckily, there are several clubs and organizations on campus supporting our campus and community nourishment! From fghting food insecurity by providing nutritious food to those in need, to providing resources to connect with others and take care of ourselves - a few organizations committed to our campus and community fourishing are highlighted!


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