Students Living Cardinal, Gold and Green

Featured in every issue of the Live Green! Monthly newsletter, this ongoing series shares the incredible and diverse ways in which ISU students work toward a sustainable future. These young leaders have a wide range of skills and talents, all of which they contribute to the greater goal of long-term economic, environmental and social well-being. As we share these inspiring and empowering stories, we hope our readers look for opportunities to engage with sustainability initiatives that resonate with their unique interests, whether in collaboration with our campus, the Ames community or even a foreign country. If you or someone you know would like to be highlighted in this series, please e-mail us with details. We would be honored to hear from you!


In welcoming back students to Iowa State, focus turns to the cultivation of optimism and opportunity for the year ahead. The Start Something Network, kicking off in 2021, offers a collective embrace and effort toward ensuring this optimistic culture extends across campus throughout the entire academic year - bringing out the innovator in every Cyclone. The network brings together every college, offering its own specialized take on innovation and entrepreneurship, with the result of providing students academic opportunities (including credit courses, capstone projects and internships) tailored specifically to needs and interests.

2023-2024 Featured Students

Summers of Sustainable Internship Experiences (October 2023)

This past summer, students undertook so many unique and impactful initiatives and opportunities all with one thing in common: being the difference they envision for the world! Students spent their summers learning, connecting, discovering and applying their Cyclone-acquired knowledge and skills to the test as they dove into a variety of experiences, many directly focused on ensuring a sustainable future. Live Green! connected with a few students about their unique and memorable summers of sustainability, as interns.


Embracing Appreciation through Philanthropic Commitments (November 2023)

At ISU, sororities and fraternities come together to support community and embrace social sustainability through many philanthropic endeavors. This month, Students Living Cardinal Gold and Green will feature philanthropic commitment and impact of sororities and fraternities at Iowa State University through connections with Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Phi and Delta Delta Delta.


Intentions Toward a Sustainable Future (December 2023 / January 2024)

With the intention of bringing our campus community together and making a sustainable difference, Iowa State student organizations continue to raise the bar through volunteering, fundraising, education and beyond. This month, Live Green! highlights a few of the numerous student organizations that pursue intentions (environmental, economic and social)


Iowa State Organizations Practicing Sustainability Through Nourishment (February 2024)

Iowa State University has a vibrant community of clubs and organizations that go beyond conventional boundaries, channeling their passion into meaningful actions, particularly in the realm of nourishment. Nourishing ourselves extends beyond the realm of food; it encompasses the multifaceted aspects of our wellbeing. Cultivating meaningful connections with others and engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment. In the exploration of Iowa State University’s sustainability-minded student organizations, two are highlighted in this month’s issue as we delve into the inspiring endeavors of Dance Marathon and Blood Drive, shedding light on their unique approaches to fostering a nourishing campus culture.


Students Emerging Cardinal, Gold and Green (March 2024)

At Iowa State University, the spirit of innovation and community engagement thrives through the emergence of new and growing student organizations. As the campus community continues to grow, enhance and evolve, so do the interests and passions of a diverse student body. Through the lens of growth and new explorations, this month’s SLCGG highlights two new and upcoming student organizations.


Students Uniting Toward a Sustainable Future (April 2024)

In the heart of Iowa State University thrives a spirit of unity dedicated to fostering sustainability across diverse domains. From cultivating fresh produce to conserving wetlands, student-led organizations exemplify a commitment to creating a resilient and sustainable future. This month’s SLCGG delves into the initiatives of these groups, each playing a crucial role in promoting unity and collective action within the university and wider community.


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