2020-2021 Featured Students

College of Engineering (May 2021)

Students within the College of Engineering at Iowa State University are gaining relevant professional experience through extracurricular clubs and organizations, as well as coursework. This month’s feature article highlights students taking especially unique strides to intersect sustainability and engineering at the forefront of solving some of today’s most pressing challenges.


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (April 2021)

Iowa State University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, offering the most academically diverse options for students, supports and provides a diversity of co-curricular opportunities. Through student organizations and leadership roles, offer networking, connections and experiences students leave Iowa State as citizens benefiting Iowa, the nation and the world. To showcase the variety of awareness, engagement and empowerment offered to LAS students, Live Green! interviewed four student organizations this month.


College of Human Sciences (March 2021)

The College of Human Sciences provides students the opportunity to develop their human potential through a multitude of organizations, clubs and extracurricular activities. The opportunities to get involved are just as diverse, unique and relevant as the curriculum from which students can choose. Whether pursuing degrees in health, education, fashion or food, College of Human Sciences students are making a sustainable difference in and out of the classroom, locally, nationally and internationally. A few of the many are highlighted in this month’s issue.


College of Design (February 2021)

Iowa State University is one of few comprehensive schools that offer a design program in the midwest. ISU’s College of Design is dedicated to providing students hands-on learning experiences to better prepare them for their future careers. Clubs within the College of Design allow students to exercise their skills and grow an appreciation and understanding for the sustainability of the physical and cultural environment around them.


College of Veterinary Medicine and Ivy College of Business (Nov./Dec./Jan. 2020/2021)

In College of Veterinary Medicine and Ivy College of Business, students are taking the initiative to promote innovation and diversity within their respective industries and among their peers. Campus organizations give these students resources, support and leadership opportunities to create a more sustainable campus, industry and future.


College of Agriculture (October 2020)

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) houses and supports a diversity of organizations that support students in pursuing sustainability opportunities, connections and professions. Two, of the many, organizations are highlighted in this month’s Students Living Cardinal, Gold and Green.