October: Learning Green

October: Learning Green

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Happy October, Cyclones! This is Molly and Maddie from the Ten Year Celebration!

Thank you all for participating in last month’s celebrations of Dining Green. We don’t know about you, but we loved learning where our food comes from and the sustainable operations that serve it to us –  at the ‘Dining Green Food & Features’ event. We also definitely took advantage of that extra “bring your own mug” discount on coffee at the campus cafes, ISU Dining offered. And all the fabulous YUM at the Local Food Festival!! What a GREAT month! Followed by another fabulous month of celebration, October: Learning Green.

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Absorb knowledge by Learning Green with our three-part lecture series focused on environmental, economic and social sustainability. This is also the perfect month to browse the course catalog of sustainability-related courses for your spring schedule, and join a sustainable student organization!

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