2019-20 Featured Students

International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences and The Landscape Club - Striving for Sustainable Landscapes (May 2020)

Plants, animals, goods, homes, energy, air quality, water purity, recreation, exploration. All facets of life depend on healthy land and the completion of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 15, “Life on Land.” The target of this goal, to take care of the land that takes care of people, has been progressing through the missions of organizations throughout the world, including two student organizations at Iowa State University. The International Association of Students of Agriculture and Related Sciences at Iowa State University and the Landscape Club at Iowa State University are providing Cyclones opportunities to support and further the vision of Goal 15, through unique consideration and approaches to sustainable land use.


Iowa Women in Natural Resources and Students Helping Rescue Animals - Envisioning a Sustainable Community and World (April 2020)

Iowa State currently offers 850+ student and campus organizations for students to join. Of those, more than 200 are related to economic, environmental and social sustainability, all with the vision of a more sustainable campus, community and world. Two organizations featured in this month’s newsletter that put a lot of effort into achieving this vision are Iowa Women in Natural Resources Collegiate Chapter and Students Helping Rescue Animals. Both organizations prioritize volunteerism and community engagement to achieve their goals.


Soil & Water Conservation Club and Water Environment Federation - Ensuring Good Hydration Through Clean Water Systems (March 2020)

Clean water accessibility for all living beings often comes down to two major factors, location and quality, which are influenced by natural and anthropogenic (human caused) processes. Naturally, only .5% of the water on Earth is fresh (drinkable) and physically accessible, according to USBR.gov. Humans influence water accessibility with societal processes; how we clean and pollute water resources and structure societies to make clean water affordable. The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and 14 (Life Below Water) aim to address these water accessibility issues. Two student organizations at Iowa State University supporting these goals are the Soil and Water Conservation club and the Water Environment Federation club.


Margaret Sloss Center and Students for Open Discussion - Uniting Students, Uniting Campus, Uniting Community (February 2020)

Of 850 student and campus organizations at Iowa State, over 40 fall within the category of “Political & Activism,” many with a common goal of uniting campus and community members through discussion and action. Two on-campus organizations that believe in creating peace and unity specifically through advocacy and discussion are the Margaret Sloss Center for Women & Gender Equity and Students for Open Discussion – the Center embodying U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 5 and 10 both embracing Goal 16.


ISU Recreation Services and Engineers Without Borders - Elevating Others Through Action (December 2019)

Action is a key ingredient when working to elevate sustainable communities and good health and well-being. In this month's SLCGG, three student fitness instructors and two student engineers in the ISU chapter of Engineers Without Borders share their thoughts on how people can act to elevate and sustain themselves and others in local and international communities.


Student Dietetics Association and Food Recovery Network -  Nourishing the Mind and Body Through Food (November 2019)

Students within the College of Engineering at Iowa State University are gaining relevant professional experience through extracurricular clubs and organizations, as well as coursework. This month’s feature article highlights students taking especially unique strides to intersect sustainability and engineering at the forefront of solving some of today’s most pressing challenges.


Grayson Burgess, Lauren Gifford, and Dillon Jensen – Innovating Green Through Entrepreneurship (October 2019) 

Creating a healthy, successful planet, with thriving economies, environments and societies depend heavily on “green” thinking. Green thinking can mean a lot of things, like being more mindful about one’s waste, or paying attention to how one’s actions impact the people and environments around them. However, green thinking also means green innovating; creating real change by thinking outside the box for ways to sustain life and wellness. In this first issue of the Live Green! Monthly for the 2019-2020 academic year, Live Green! wants to introduce readers to Cardinal & Gold students that are thinking and innovating Green through their passions for entrepreneurship.