Rummage Rampage Event.

Rummage RAMPage 

Rummage RAMPage is a collaborative sustainability effort between the City of Ames and the Iowa State University Office of Sustainability, first initiated in 2016. This event is a community rummage sale designed to keep reusable items -- often left on the curb -- out of the landfill, taking place in late July through early August during the annual moveout season and lease changeovers.

During those moveout and lease changeover weeks, the City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant often sees an influx of couches, wooden furniture, clothing and more. At the same time, new students moving in are often in need of furniture and other household items. Rummage RAMPage is a collaborative effort to pair unwanted items with others seeking low-cost options for furnishing their homes. 

This event is structured so participants donate items, and non-profit agencies help run the sale and share in any profit. The event is open to anyone to donate, shop or both!


For information on the 2023 Rummage RAMPage event, visit the City of Ames website.


Volunteers find rest in reclining chairs at Rummage Rampage.

Rummage RAMPage Photo Gallery