Information Technology: Environmental Sustainability 

  • Information Technology Services (ITS) has decreased in infrastructure. Starting six years ago and nearing completion, department servers have been moved to one, campus-wide storage location. At this centralized location, ITS also uses an "enterprise storage array" that ensures all data receive common data management, sharing, protection and more.
  • ITS is currently transferring all of Iowa State's data storage to a petabyte. A petabyte is equal to 1,024 terabytes, which is the current storage size being used.
  • CyBox, a cloud-based service, reduces Iowa State's on-campus footprint by allowing users to share a multitude of documents without needing to print paper.
  • ITS worked with Student Government and the ISU Vice President to standardize printing rates in August of 2016. Standardized rates encourage reduction, exemplified by Iowa State having reduced the amount of printing on campus by one million sheets of paper since the onset of the standardization.
  • Through supporting a robust infrastructure for telecommunicating and virtual meetings, ITS assists in the reduction of the university's green gas emissions from transportation.