Procurement Services: Environmental Sustainability 

  • Iowa State University emphasizes a lighter impact on the environment throughout procurement operations and opportunities. When it comes to shipping and receiving, the university uses recyclable materials and prioritizes the reduction of waste by consolidating shipping to save on packaging and reduce gas emissions, as well as utilizing reusable packaging when available. In addition, when available and applicable, recycled-content products are utilized for campus projects and needs. The university's bookstore also offers a diversity of recycled consumer products, such as binders, graduation gowns, as well as reusable water bottles and mugs. Many materials utilized by university staff are made from recycled content, too, such as Custodial Services' mops and recycled-content biosafety cabinets that are used throughout campus.
  • Through local purchasing, Procurement Services and other university departments, such as ISU Dining, lowers environmental impacts through minimizing transportation costs, as well as gas emissions.
  • ISU Custodial Services exclusively uses green cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals to clean all campus buildings to protect both custodial staff and building occupants.¬†
  • ENERGY STAR and EPEAT-equivalent (or better) products are purchased whenever possible; about 98% of all fine paper purchases are made from recycled content; Iowa State is committed to the purchasing of local products from a family-owned food distributor in its dining facilities; more than 95% of all university cleaning supplies are green-certified.