Reuse: Environmental Sustainability 

  • Facilities Planning and Management recycles street sweepings by separating trash from rocks and soil, which can then be reused in landscaping projects rather than being landfilled.
  • Rather than send unwanted materials to the landfill, items such as outdated dishware sets and office equipment are first sent to ISU Surplus and offered for sale to colleges, departments and community members that can use them for business and home needs.
  • Facilities Planning and Management is reducing the number of petroleum-based and virgin material basedmaterial-based products used in construction projects. These products are being replaced by recycled-content materials, including carpet, floor tile, solid surface countertops, dry walldrywall, ceiling tile, concrete, as well as steel, which is composed of at least 97% recycled material.
  • Used grease from ISU Dining facilities is sold to ISU BioBus, a student organization that makes biodiesel from reclaimed vegetable oil and supplies it to CyRide for use in some of their Cybrid transit vehicles that serve Iowa State University and the community of Ames, providing a beneficial use for a waste product and reducing emissions of traditionally-fueled buses.
  • The DOR takes advantage of opportunities to donate used materials. Cloth curtains from wardrobes located in Maple-Willow-Larch dorms are donated to local non-profits for reuse in a diversity of projects.