ActivUs is a grassroots environmental student group devoted to facilitating eco-friendly policy changes at Iowa State University. We are committed to achieving environmental and social justice on the ISU campus. We believe that in order to protect the welfare of future generations we must encourage a transition to alternative clean and renewable energy sources. Through means of public education, grassroots organization and non-violent direct action we can spread our message and make change.

Projects and efforts that support Live Green!: 
Each semester we take on two major campaigns.  Right now our campaigns are Beyond Coal and Beyond Plastic.
  • The goal of Beyond Coal is to phase out the burning of coal at the ISU power plant.
  • The goal of Beyond Plastic is to phase out the sale of bottled water on campus. 
How to Get Involved: 

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Meeting Times and Places: 

 ActivUs meets every other Wednesday evening at 6:00 in the Sloss House. Meeting dates are posted on our facebook page and in our newsletters.

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Come help us make Iowa State a more sustainable and healthy place to live!