College of Human Sciences Computer Power Management

Project Description:

This project focuses on savings opportunities through computer system energy conservation through the purchase and installation of PowerMAN software on 500 faculty and staff computer stations in the College of Human Sciences.

Various means of energy conservation were considered and implemented in finalizing this project, ranging from requests/reminders for voluntary consumption reduction to an implemented policy of automatic power down of inactive computers. However, having a consistent means to track consumption and verify savings as related to Instructional Technology was not achievable. The implementation of a scheduled power control system allows for tailored policies for individual and user groups and provides ongoing, real-time reporting of user compliance and system savings and provides an ideal opportunity to evaluate and demonstrate the transferability for a campus wide IT scheduled power control system.

Project Contact:

Sly Upah, 515-294-5598,

Project Financials:

Loan Amount: $3,039

Return on Investment: An annual savings of $49,000/year, with a 5-year payback, and a realized savings period of 23 days.

Project Outcomes:

Serves as a demonstration project that can be disseminated throughout ISU IT managed computer systems. Once a template implementation and management process can be developed and verified, scheduled power down options can be made available for consideration and implementation to any ISU IT system.

Achieves intangible savings realized through reduced carbon emissions and an immediate performance feedback loop.

Project Status:



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