Monona County Extension Office Remodel

Project Description:

This project incorporates energy-efficient components into the Monona County Extension Office remodeling project. Components incorporated include: energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, programmable thermostats, two foot lowering of ceilings and heating and cooling ducts, installation of outdoor light timers, and an energy efficient water heater.

Project Contact:

Cheri Hardison, ISU Extension Director for Monona County, 712-423-2175,

Project Financials:

Loan Amount: $5,230

Return on Investment: Project costs are estimated at $30,000. Expected annual savings equals $1,046/year with a payback period of 5 years, and a realized savings period of 6.5 years.

Project Outcomes:

In addition to annual budget savings for ISU and Iowa taxpayers, ISU Extension will be able to provide to its customers an enhanced image of education and energy efficiency. A NW Iowa Extension Task Force has been formed to reinforce energy saving information and recommended practices among its county offices and their customers. Monona County Extension has enhanced their educational efforts through a compilation of web resources and the development of a PowerPoint presentation to be provided to stakeholders and customers.

Project Status:



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