Bike to Work Week

Celebrate Bike to Work Week every May. Even better, get your workplace to participate. Consider establishing a "commuter challenge" program that puts together teams for departments, challenging employees to rack up miles from biking, walking or using public transportation instead of driving, with incentives and prizes. You could even ask a local bike shop to sponsor your competition.

Drive to Save Money

Try using some of these energy-efficient driving practices to save some cash: 

  • Drive at a steady pace.
  • Warm up your car for only a minimal amount of time.
  • Don't "rev up" your engine.
  • Drive below 55 MPH – speeding costs you money.
  • Coast in gear when slowing down.

Get There Greener

Does your company offer a public transportation reimbursement program or opportunities to purchase public transit passes pre-tax? If so, consider taking advantage of these great programs. If not, try inquiring with the appropriate department about future opportunities.

Keep Your Car in Prime Condition: Air Conditioning

Roll down your windows rather than using your air conditioner when possible.

Keep Your Car in Prime Condition: Air Filter

Be sure to keep your air filters clean.

Keep Your Car in Prime Condition: Tires

Check your tire pressure regularly. Under-inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency.

Park That Car

Consider walking or riding your bike to work. If you must drive and your vehicle has a diesel engine, convert it to run on biodiesel (visit to learn more).

Taxicab Smarts

In a big city without a car? Search for "hybrid taxies" to find companies that have hybrid vehicles in their taxi fleet. Don't forget to program that number into your cell phone, too.