Doing Our Part, Greening Our Mark, Making a Difference

The 6th annual Iowa State University Symposium on Sustainability was held Feb. 23-24, 2015.

2015 marked the seventh year of Iowa State University's Live Green! Initiative and the call to action given to all students, faculty and staff to be fully committed to and engaged in ensuring a sustainable future through our actions and decisions regarding our campus, its operations and initiatives. This year's Symposium on Sustainability celebrated the diversity of ways Iowa State University is dedicated to ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for the generations that follow through projects, initiatives, student experiences and community engagement.

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Symposium Overview

The 2015 Symposium on Sustainability celebrated the collective actions and dedication of all students, faculty and staff of Iowa State University that occurs within day-to-day commitment, annual goal setting and ongoing strategic planning and visioning. This year’s event focused specifically on engaging discussion and dialogue related to environmental, economic and social sustainability through a diversity of opportunities, including a sustainability poster reception, public keynote lectures and Green-It-Yourself (GIY) Centers.

Sustainability Poster Reception

Poster abstracts were encouraged from all campus activities and projects, including research, administration, operations, students and student organizations, community, as well as personal initiatives that support and further sustainability and the Live Green! Initiative. Poster sessions provide an excellent venue for discussions, networking and the exchange of scientific information.

Live Green! Awards for Excellence in Sustainability

The Live Green! Excellence Awards recognize Iowa State University students, faculty and staff who are making an impact on campus sustainability efforts by generating awareness and interest through initiatives that focus on teaching, research, outreach and/or operations.

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