ISU WellBeing: Economic Sustainability 

  • Having identified financial well-being as one of the biggest stressors by ISU employees, ISU WellBeing has an entire initiative devoted to building financial well-being.
  • The university provides classes and budgeting tools and resources for work and personal management to inspire financial resiliency.
  • Iowa State's insurance benefits package offers Blue365 discounts to help employees save money on medical-related expenses.
  • Considering health and well-being as an economic resource is a focal initiative of ISU WellBeing. Better health is a form of self sustainability that can decrease healthcare costs, as well as increase life expectancy.

"With anxieties and depressions, there is a cost to society when people aren't at their best, when we aren't getting along, when we don't value and respect one another, when we aren't embracing of our uniqueness."

-Stephanie Downs, Wellness Coordinator