College of Human Sciences Heating Efficiency

Project Background:

This project replaces 30 traditional space heaters currently being utilized in Lebaron Hall, MacKay Hall, Human Nutrition Sciences Building, Lagomarcino Hall, Food Sciences Building, Forker Building, and the Nutritional Wellness and Research Center, with radiant panel heaters. This project not only increase the energy efficiency of workspace heating, it ensures the College of Human Sciences is utilizing personal space heaters which are not in violation of state fire code regulations required of the University.

Project Goals include:

  • Reducing electrical energy costs by replacing space heaters with energy efficient radiant panels.
  • Eliminating the need for traditional space heaters, which are both in violation of current fire code regulations and a source of numerous fires and injuries in similar facilities.

Goals will be accomplished through the following means:

  • Determine how many space heaters are in use in CHS and keep a one-week diary of current use and working conditions.
  • Determine most beneficial locations for radiant panel heaters based upon need and potential energy savings.
  • Complete a training session for potential users of radiant panels and offer various options to couple with the use of the panel heaters in order to further increase energy efficiency.
  • Install radiant panels and have users keep four-week diaries of their use of the panel heaters as well as additional energy efficient behaviors and options utilized.
  • Monitor savings and evaluate expansion needs and opportunities.

Project Contact:

Jeanne Stewart, 294-3926,

Project Financials:

Loan Amount: $2,250

Return on Investment: Total project costs are estimated at $2,250.  Expected annual savings equals $538/year with a payback period of 4.2 years. The savings will come from a reduction of energy consumption required by the radiant panel heaters versus traditional space heaters.

Project Outcomes:

In addition to the annual budget savings for ISU and Iowa taxpayers, this project serves as a demonstration project that can be disseminated throughout Iowa State University existing office spaces that experience similar supplemental heating needs, yet must adhere to current fire codes.

Project Status:



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