Custodial Services: Environmental Sustainability 

  • ISU Custodial Services exclusively uses green cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals to clean all campus buildings. The only exception (of which Custodial Services is actively seeking a green alternative) is a chemical-based product that strips floors of wax and debris, used once every few years in any given building.  However, Custodial Services has adopted a new floor finishing process which eliminates the use of waxing and stripping for certain types of flooring.
  • All new buildings are required to be cleaned with green chemicals to acquire a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
  • Custodial Services conducts annual "LEED check-ins" to ensure staff members are meeting or exceeding all regulations regarding the LEED green cleaning protocol.
  • Much of Custodial Services' cleaning equipment and supplies, such as mops, are made from recycled materials. All toilet paper and paper towels are made from 100% recycled materials, and trash bags are made from 30% recycled materials.
  • Custodial Services uses technology related to best management practices, as well as efficient equipment, to use less water and chemicals throughout its operations.

"As for our green cleaning program, what are the benefits of that? It’s a cleaner, safer environment for the customer, a cleaner, safer work environment for the employee and it’s just better for the environment overall."

-Bob Currie, Facilities Services Director